VELENO: The Town of Lost Children
Writer / Director
WINNER, 2021 IL GLOBO D'ORO Best Documentary A headline-grabbing 5-part Italian documentary series for Amazon Prime, Veleno narrates the Italian ‘Satanic Panic’ phenomenon, chronicling events that took place in Mirandola, Finale Emilia and Massa Finalese in Northern Italy between 1997 and 1998, where over twenty people were accused of belonging to a group dubbed “the devils of Lower Modena,” who, according to the prosecution, have been accused of pedophilia and violence against 16 children. Following a confession by one of the members of the group of children, an in-depth investigation was conducted by Italian police which resulted in families torn apart and all the children involved being taken away from their families.
"A real-life horror story... gripping at every turn" – La Repubblica
"A true feat of journalist reconstruction" –
"Veleno sucks you in; it's impossible to stop watching" –